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Preguntas frecuentes sobre patrocinio


What is the Port’s sponsorship program?
The Port of Long Beach Communications and Community Relations Division administers the sponsorship program and partners with local nonprofit organizations to educate the community about and promote the Port’s mission as a key part of the local and international economy.

How can my organization get a sponsorship?
There are two calls for applications per year, one in September (Sept. 1-30) and one in March (March 1-31). The application and information about the Port’s community sponsorship program are available online at www.polb.com/sponsorship.

When should I apply?

Your event must take place at least 60 days after the closing deadline for each call period. The fall closing period is Sept. 30 and the spring closing period is March 31.

How will applications be judged?
Sponsorship requests will be evaluated based on factors consistent with California State Lands Commission guidelines, as well as the connection to the Port-related maritime industry, Port marketing impacts in the local community, the effectiveness of the money being spent and the overall strength of the application. To receive a Port sponsorship, applicants must clearly demonstrate how Port funds will:

  • Support the Tidelands Trust and maritime-related initiatives;
  • Provide meaningful education to the local community about the Port and international trade;
  • Or provide an opportunity for extensive Port promotion and recognition.

When will a decision be made about my sponsorship application?
Plan ahead for your events — after the application period closes, it will take about 45 days to review requests before recommendations are sent to the Board of Commissioners for a decision. This means funding will be awarded in mid-December and mid-May for applications received in September and March, respectively.

Can I apply for funding again if my organization has received an award in the past?
Yes. Applications are judged only on their relevance to promoting Port programs and informing the community of the many ways the Port of Long Beach is an integral part of the community fabric.

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