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Importante línea de transporte marítimo invierte en el puerto de Long Beach
Imagen del periódicoCMA CGM, la tercera línea de transporte marítimo de contenedores más importante del mundo, ha adquirido una participación en el muelle J del puerto de Long Beach, una acción que traerá 2.6 millones de unidades de contenedores adicionales al puerto e incrementará los ingresos del puerto en cerca de USD 70 millones durante los próximos cinco años.
(enviado: 12/12/2012)
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Being Big Ship Ready
Imagen del periódicoTo understand what it means for the Port to be “big ship” ready, consider that a deep channel is only the beginning. How about having bollards strong enough to secure a 150,000-ton ship, cranes tall and long enough to reach the containers, and operational support to handle nearly double the capacity of your typical container ship? Port of Long Beach Chief Harbor Engineer Al Moro explains.
(enviado: 31/10/2012)
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The future is BIG

The Port of Long Beach is at the forefront of technology and efficiency. Thanks to our efforts, the next generation of cargo ships, twice the size of those that entered the global fleet only 15 years ago, are now calling at the Port of Long Beach.

Larger ships are more cost effective for ocean carriers and reduce impact on the environment by decreasing diesel consumption.

These massive vessels, some with capacity of 14,000 TEUs, can be up to four football fields long and are already outpacing the yet-to-be-completed Panama Canal expansion.

Long Beach is one of only a handful of ports in North America capable of welcoming these larger ships, thanks to these vital features:

  • Deep-Water Main Channel — one of the deepest on the continent at 76 feet
  • Deep-Water Terminals — water depths of 50 feet or more at five of the Port's six container terminals
  • Berths designed to handle vessels that can exceed 156,000 tons fully loaded
  • Cranes that can move containers stacked 180 feet high and 24 boxes wide

Giant steps

Tomorrow's success depends on big investments today. That's why the Port of Long Beach is spending $4.5 billion on capital improvements over the next decade, ensuring that we maintain our advantage over other ports and increasing our ability to receive the most efficient and environmentally sustainable ships. Projects include:

  • Middle Harbor, which will be able to accommodate the latest generation of container vessels with the most technologically advanced container-moving system in the country
  • The replacement for the Gerald Desmond Bridge will include higher clearance to allow larger ships to reach the Back Channel
  • Improvements to roadways and the Port's rail network, technology and security

For information on our "big ship ready" facilities, our rail infrastructure and our capital improvement projects, click the links below.


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